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The Chair of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S) researches on active and passive systems for the energy supply and climate control of buildings with projects ranging from components to neighborhoods, from design to operation. The motivation and aim of our research is to realize a CO2-neutral built environment that efficiently consumes and produces energy while providing high user comfort. We focus on efficient building systems that operate in synthesis with high-quality architectural and urban design as well as state-of-the-art construction technologies, adaptive to both occupant needs and exterior climatic conditions. Our work therefore strengthens the increasingly important bridge between technology and architecture.

The A/S Research Team (formerly SuAT) was established in 2010. The interdisciplinary group, led by Prof. Dr. Arno Schlueter, comprises of researchers from different backgrounds such as architecture, engineering and computer science. The methods employed, researched and developed are strongly based on modeling, simulation and data analytics. Physical prototypes are used to experiment and evaluate novel integrated systems utilizing real-life case studies on both building and neighborhood scale.

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