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Fonseca, Jimeno A., Laura Estévez Mauriz, Claudiu Forgaci, and Nils Björling. Spatial heterogeneity for environmental performance and resilient behavior in energy and transportation systems. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 62 (2017): 136-145.
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Nagy, Zoltan, Bratislav Svetozarevic, Prageeth Jayathissa, Moritz Begle, Johannes Hofer, Gearoid Lydon, Anja Willmann, and Arno Schlueter. The Adaptive Solar Facade: From concept to prototypes. Frontiers of Architectural Research 5.2 (2016): 143-156.
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Fonseca, Jimeno A., Thuy-An Nguyen, Arno Schlueter, and François Marechal. City Energy Analyst (CEA): Integrated framework for analysis and optimization of building energy systems in neighborhoods and city districts. Energy and Buildings 113 (2016): 202-226.
Estévez-Mauriz, Laura, Jimeno A. Fonseca, Claudiu Forgaci, and Nils Björling. The livability of spaces: Performance and/or resilience? Reflections on the effects of spatial heterogeneity in transport and energy systems and the implications on urban environmental quality. International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment (2016)
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