Energy- and Climate Systems I & II

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Mode Lecture and Tutorial
Language German
Lecturer A.Schlueter, D. Tschudy
Fall (EK I) / Spring (EK II)
BSc Arch, MSc Civil Eng, MSc Atmos Clim Sc, MSc Environ Sc
2 ECTS per semester

The lecture series Energie- und Klimasysteme I (Energy and Climate Systems I) investigates the concepts, physical basics and components of building technologies utilized for the efficient and sustainable energy supply and climatization of buildings. The interdependency between these technologies, the architectural design and the construction is likewise discussed. Using calculation methods, students learn to acquire relevant data and to quantify and assess solutions. Hence, adequate approaches to individual designs can be chosen, quantitatively and qualitatively reviewed, and implemented with a focus on synergy effects.

Based on EK I, the EK II lectures concentrate on systems and concepts available to the architect for a sustainable design. Relevant technical systems for an efficient climatization and maintenance of buildings are discussed. Perspectives on urban energy systems are also provided. Overall, the lecture series EK I & II aims to convey the knowledge of design concepts and systems, which ensure the sustainable running of buildings.

Content EK I

  • Relevance and Historic Background
  • Thermal Systems
  • Ventilation
  • Daylight and Artificial Lighting

Content EK II

  • Design Concepts
  • Simulation & Tools
  • Interface: Ceilings and Floors
  • Light / Daylighting
  • Control
  • Urban Systems

Note: the language of instruction is German. Course documents can be downloaded from Moodle for EK I and EK II

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