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Fall / Spring
Program BSc Arch / MSc Arch
Credits 3 ECTS

This part of the curriculum includes design work in different areas of architecture and urbanism while integrating the knowledge acquired in previous years. It involves the active participation of specialists from related disciplines. The Integrated Discipline is held in connection with a design studio and focuses on CO2-neutral building design concepts, utilizing energy and exergy efficient systems. The respective thematic focus depends on the design project. Upon completion, students will understand the building from an integrated view on form, material and technical systems.

ZürichWohnen: Bourgeoise-Bohemien

Integrated Discipline, 2017



In the Spring Semester 2017, the chair collaborates with the design studio of Prof. Miroslav Šik on the project ‘ZürichWohnen: Bourgeoise-Bohemien'.

The major challenge in this course is the architectural integration of solar technology into the building envelope. While the scope of design was limited until a few years ago, the products available today offer a wide range of colors, structures and surfaces, and can be used in almost any location in the building envelope. Similar to other materials of the building envelope, PV technologies can be designed. However, this presupposes some basic knowledge about solar technology and its interaction with the site, form, construction and surface. The task of Architecture-integrated Photovoltaics (AiPV) is to integrate solar technology into the architectural design. Not as an essay - in words - but as a relevant framework condition and an integral part. Solutions are sought that are constructive, creative and also provide the building with renewable energy.

In this course, the main focus is to bring together the selected solar technology as an integrated part of the building and its systems (heating, light, ventilation), in order to create an aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient project. The goal is to learn about the interdependencies between the energy supply of a building and local energy production by photovoltaics and to use it synergistically for the design. For this purpose, consideration is extended to the other systems of building technology.

More information on the topic and site of this Integrated Discipline is provided in the handout (PDF, 2.9 MB) (German).

Tutors: Amr Elesawy, Moritz Begle, Johannes Hofer, Illias Hischier

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