Energy System Analysis

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Mode Lecture and Tutorial
Language English

G. Andersson, S. Hellweg, F. Noembrini, A. Schlueter, J. Hofer

Program MEST
Credits 4 ECTS

The course introduces the methods and tools for analyzing energy consumption, energy production and energy flows. In this light, systems at different scales are examined: small scale, e.g. industries, homes, vehicles, and large scale, e.g. countries. Environmental aspects are included as well as economical considerations. Different sectors of society, such as buildings and transportation as well as the role of different energy carriers, such as electricity, heat and fuels are introduced. The importance of multi energy networks and energy storages in the context of a future system based on renewable generation sources are discussed.

The course provides an overview of the methods and tools used for energy system analysis and how to use these in simple practical examples. In the tutorials, these methods and tools are applied to various problems.

In addition, the course provides an introduction to energy system models for developing scenarios of future energy demand and supply. Bottom-up and top-down approaches are addressed; their features and applications are discussed.


  • Energy flows and energy statistics
  • Environmental impacts
  • Electric power systems
  • Energy in buildings
  • Energy in transportation
  • Energy systems models
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